[clug] [OT] With Coders like these, how far can Apple go?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Mon Jan 14 22:26:27 MST 2013

Carlo Hamalainen wrote on 15/01/13 2:46 PM:

> Many moons ago I did an OS subject where we had to write a memory pager in
> C. Our code got compiled against the rest of a kernel and then we could run
> various simulations to see how different paging algorithms and parameters
> performed.

That was one of John Lions insights:

 a) that to teach O/S's you needed to read and preferably *write* some code.
 b) it should be well within the capability of 3rd year students to do
that well enough, though not at a professional level.

John had worked at Burroughs on their O/S (in their Algol variant) and
knew the insides of O/S's pretty well, and that undergrads could and
should be able to read and understand some or all the code.

I think it's quite an accolade for your Uni lecturers that they taught
this way. Many don't have the experience or confidence to "use the
Source, Luke" [Old-fart Star Wars + Unix joke]

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