[clug] Finding your smartphone... [Where did I put it down?]

David Deaves David.Deaves at dd.id.au
Wed Jan 9 15:37:33 MST 2013

Some time ago my daughter lost her bluetooth enabled phone.
The ring me trick did not work.  Meaning it may have been somewhere we could 
not hear it - or not even at home.  So I jumped onto my mini tower server 
which had a longer range bluetooth dongle, and sure enough it could see it, so 
we new it was in/around the house.  Then I started wandering around the house 
with my laptop that had normal range bluetooth looking for it.  Found that I 
could not see it in the back of the house, but I could when I was in the front 
2 rooms.  This lead me to look in the garage and find it in the back seat of 
the car.

So bluetooth was not really a complete solution, but a handy tool in that mode.
At the very least, knowing it was definitely in the house, and not at
school/bus/friends place was a very handy data point.

This was with an older phone where bluetooth was either on or not.  With a 
more modern phone you would need to have setup pairings before hand for this 
to work (and then not updated your phone OS since).

Dave !

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