[clug] Finding your smartphone... [Where did I put it down?]

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 13:54:17 MST 2013

On 09/01/13 17:40, steve jenkin wrote:
> In the Early Days of Dick Smith shops (before Woolworths and when you
> could buy *parts*), 

You can still buy parts - when it sold it got split into two stores. The
imitation DS that didn't sell parts, and the
tied-to-tight-contract-similar-to-DS-staffed-by-callow-lumpens that
sells parts.

The quality parts version is called Jaycar

> Question:
>  - Do any of you have a solution you've used or seen used?
>  - Not being the owner of a smartphone, I can't guess what might work...
> Any suggestions?
> cheers
> steve

1. Gaffa
2. String
3. New invention from California (I predict it will catch on - buy
shares) - the Po-c-Ket! (it's a sort of bag attached to pants or shirts)
$. NoScript on, with suitable apps :-

Kind regards:-

I used to wish my computer was as easy to use as my phone, then my wish
came true and I don't understand my phone
~ paraphrased from a signature read recently

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