[clug] Finding your smartphone... [Where did I put it down?]

Peter VK1PE vk1pe.peter at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 05:54:58 MST 2013

About a year ago, my wife bought a "2PCK SONIC KEYFINDER ON BLISTER" -- 

can i go somewhat quieter, now? ... (It was probably in a "cheapie 
shop"; actually, from the price label, "HOMEBASE STORE TEL:(02)6232 
4884" . The price was $2.50.)

The maker is "/ctc/" (in italics; no company details or URL or anything 

Anyway, we put the supplied "hearing-aid" batteries in one and it was a 
major FLOP (no italics or caps needed, actually, as I was not the person 
singularly unimpressed!)

So, if you have the price of a cup of coffee to spare, then be lavish 
and also buy a.... whatever.


On 09/01/13 22:15, Brett Worth wrote:
> On 09/01/13 17:40, steve jenkin wrote:
>> Question:
>>   - Do any of you have a solution you've used or seen used?
> I personally use this:
>     http://wheresmydroid.com
> It won't tell you exactly where the phone just within GPS accuracy. 
> You just send a special SMS to the phone which will not notify of the 
> message's arrival.  You can then do a number of things including 
> getting the GPS location, changing the passcode and locking the 
> phone.  Or just make it ring loud even if it's set to stun.  I don't 
> think RMS would approve.
> Brett

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