[clug] Printer recommendations?

Francis James Whittle fj.whittle at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 01:17:18 MST 2013

Stop printing things?

In all seriousness, I bought a sub-$150 laser printer about 20 months
ago and it is yet to pay even half for itself.  I wonder now why I
bought it at all - anything I need to carry on me I can dump on my
"phone", and if I really need something printed, I *could* go to the
copy store (of course, I have a printer, that works well despite the
proprietary driver - thank you Brother - so I don't).  It's not that
expensive unless you want quality colours, or at least cheaper than
buying a printer for the first thousand or so black and white pages.

On top of that we have lots of high quality PDF making drivers - instant
digital hard copy.

On Wed, 2013-01-09 at 00:19 +1100, Simon Oxwell wrote:
> Hi all,
> After months of struggling with a slightly dodgey  USB->Parallel adapter
> and my 15 year old HP LaserJet, I've decided it may well be time to bite
> the bullet and get a new printer.
> I don't do a lot of printing, so will likely stick to a mono laser printer
> (I think an inkjet will likely clog between uses), so was looking to see
> what people are using these days.
> I've done a bit of a market scan, ruled out Canon and Lexmark due to past
> shenanignas, and there seems to be three vendors:
> * Fuji-Xerox, who seem to be doing some really interesting stuff using LED
> instead of lasers and have a sub-$200 colour printer with 2400x2400 dpi
> resolution (and recommeded by a work colleague), but is GDI Host-based and
> Fuji-Xerox offer nothing in the way of FOSS drivers. Seriously cheap kit.
> * Brother - slightly more expensive, still GDI based at the bottom end,
> resolution not quite as good (2400x600 dpi), but the CUPS drivers are
> GPLv2, available is .deb and .rpm, but they rely on binary blob that is
> Linux only as far as the FOSS OSes go. (I have a NAS box based on FreeBSD I
> might want to run a print queue on)
> * HP - even more expensive, but seem to have good FOSS support via hplip
> and foomatic. Technology-wise, HP seem to be stuck with the same print
> engine that's in my 15 year old printer (they're still on 600x600 dpi!)
> There seems to be a sliding scale that ties price and openness in one
> direction and price and spec in the other.
> So, is there any vendors I've missed? Will I have have to suck it up and
> pay more for something that supports PS or PCL? What would you recommend?
> Simon

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