[clug] DVB Streaming of Arts Festivals

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Wed Jan 2 15:37:48 MST 2013

Well done, Hal. And thanks for thinking of all of us with your
interesting, if not quirky, write-up, including the URLs! Thanks
also for sharing which O/S, tuner and client apps etc. are working
for you.

Now we all know who the Multicast expert is on the list (or, at least,
another one...).

I think maybe a CLUG talk, (with a live demo?) might be in the wings?


Bob Edwards.

On 02/01/13 23:23, Hal Ashburner wrote:
> You're an ordinary nerd who is also an ordinary urbane villain so obviously
> you want to stream the opera over your work network with the goodness of
> multicast. (1)
> So you go here:
> http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/DVB-T_USB_Devices
> And try to find one of those that looks like it will work. Maybe parting
> with a crisp $50 for the
> http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Leadtek_WinFast_DTV_Dongle_Gold from the
> officeworks downstairs from your office.
> Plug it in to a semi-retired laptop that used to belong to a loved one,
> perhaps one running 12.04 ubuntu so it automates downloading the firmware
> for you coz, you know, time, never enough.
> run dvbscan (or scan) to get a channels.conf
> look up the frequency of the channel you want in that.
> Test it, (eg copy channels.conf into .mplayer and run mplayer
> deb://"CHANNEL NAME" , got picture? Yep? Good. (2))
> /usr/bin/vlc -I dummy dvb-t:// --dvb-frequency=191625000 --dvb-bandwidth=7
>   --sout
> '#rtp{dst=,port=5004,mux=ts,sap,name=LinuxIsSuperior,ttl=2}'
> --sout-keep
> (3)(4)
> Clients can run
> vlc rtp://@
> or
> mplayer rtp://
> or
> xine rtp://
> but of course vlc runs on all those horrible proprietary operating systems
> from Washington State and California so those poor people can vlc it up too
> by looking at the playlist for "Network Streams SAP" and selecting
> "LinuxIsSuperior"
> Do accept payment in imported champagne from all colleagues when the local
> hero absolutely nails it, with the harpsichord, in Leipzig, oh yes. (5)(6)
> There.
> Client running fedora? Check port 5004 on the firewall is doing the right
> thing.
> You know better so criticise.[citation needed]
> Hal Ashburner
> (1) s/urbane villain/bogan/g; s/opera/sport/g
> (2) to get the marginal indoor aerial to work, copy channels.conf into
> .tzap and run tzap "CHANNEL NAME", where the name is the first field in the
> channels.conf
> You have to get "FE_HAS_LOCK" showing or you don't have it. wave the aerial
> around optimising those numbers according to the lay of the entrails of the
> slaughtered parrot from step 12 pt 7a (lower).
> (3) add --program $pid, where pid is the last item in the channels.conf if
> you want one of the secondary channels on a frequency. -I dummy? run it
> without the GUI.
> (4) ttl=2 hops the multicast stream across 1 router.
> (5) s/imported/local/g s/champagne/tea and a biscuit/g
> (6)
> http://www.wfimc.org/Webnodes/en/Web/Public/Competitions/Competition+info?org=16626
> (7) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multicast

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