[clug] DVB Streaming of Arts Festivals

Hal Ashburner hal at ashburner.info
Wed Jan 2 05:23:20 MST 2013

You're an ordinary nerd who is also an ordinary urbane villain so obviously
you want to stream the opera over your work network with the goodness of
multicast. (1)

So you go here:
And try to find one of those that looks like it will work. Maybe parting
with a crisp $50 for the
http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Leadtek_WinFast_DTV_Dongle_Gold from the
officeworks downstairs from your office.

Plug it in to a semi-retired laptop that used to belong to a loved one,
perhaps one running 12.04 ubuntu so it automates downloading the firmware
for you coz, you know, time, never enough.
run dvbscan (or scan) to get a channels.conf

look up the frequency of the channel you want in that.
Test it, (eg copy channels.conf into .mplayer and run mplayer
deb://"CHANNEL NAME" , got picture? Yep? Good. (2))

/usr/bin/vlc -I dummy dvb-t:// --dvb-frequency=191625000 --dvb-bandwidth=7

Clients can run
vlc rtp://@
mplayer rtp://
xine rtp://

but of course vlc runs on all those horrible proprietary operating systems
from Washington State and California so those poor people can vlc it up too
by looking at the playlist for "Network Streams SAP" and selecting

Do accept payment in imported champagne from all colleagues when the local
hero absolutely nails it, with the harpsichord, in Leipzig, oh yes. (5)(6)


Client running fedora? Check port 5004 on the firewall is doing the right

You know better so criticise.[citation needed]

Hal Ashburner

(1) s/urbane villain/bogan/g; s/opera/sport/g
(2) to get the marginal indoor aerial to work, copy channels.conf into
.tzap and run tzap "CHANNEL NAME", where the name is the first field in the
You have to get "FE_HAS_LOCK" showing or you don't have it. wave the aerial
around optimising those numbers according to the lay of the entrails of the
slaughtered parrot from step 12 pt 7a (lower).
(3) add --program $pid, where pid is the last item in the channels.conf if
you want one of the secondary channels on a frequency. -I dummy? run it
without the GUI.
(4) ttl=2 hops the multicast stream across 1 router.
(5) s/imported/local/g s/champagne/tea and a biscuit/g
(7) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multicast

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