[clug] Fwd: Linux assistance

Neil Pickford neilp at goldweb.com.au
Wed Feb 13 05:56:06 MST 2013

I think you will find David means over at the old driver training 
facility on Sutton road,
anyway my memory is that it is the residents of the Ridgeway near 
Queanbeyan that
complain loudly and often whenever any significant noise emanates from 
the valley below.

There are people living up on the Ridgeway with B&K instruments trying 
to find a way to shut down any motorsport occurring in the valley.

As to the problem - sounds like a good application for some shell 
scripts monitoring the serial port, cron jobs to report the data and the 
Round Robin Database (RRDTool) to store the data and present it nicely.

Neil Pickford.

On 13/02/2013 7:53 PM, Michael Carden wrote:
> LOL, my first reaction was to suggest talking to people like Russ
> Baker who does timing software for non-motorised events and to remind
> that this stuff is harder than you think but then I realised....
> "logging noise emissions at Fairbairn dragway."
> Noise emissions. At a place designed to be as absolutely noisy as
> possible. A place that would make a Hotblack Desiato concert sound
> like the flutter of a butterfly's wing.
> Which prompts me to ask... WTF?

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