[clug] Any Linux application that can interact with "wechat"

jhock jhock at iinet.net.au
Mon Feb 11 16:22:45 MST 2013

Hi All,

My wife has been invited by her overseas friends to join a 'chat' line.
All her friends use Apple Ipod or Iphone. I hate having to use
proprietary hardware and software, especially when there are lots of
free and Open Source software, that mostly uses Open Standards like
Linux applications.

My wife said that the chat is called 'wechat' or 'weechat'. Does any one
know if there is a proprietary 'wechat' for Apple or is this the same as
'weechat' that will run on Ubuntu 12.04? 

Also, if I load 'weechat' onto my wife's EeePC (Ubuntu 12.04) will she
be able to chat to her friends, or is it likely that the Apple Ipod or
Iphone 'wechat' line needs Apple products to connect to the 'chat' line?

Sorry to display my ignorance about Apple applications, but I have
steered clear of Apple and Micro$oft all my life because of previously
mentioned principles.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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