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Carlo Hamalainen carlo at carlo-hamalainen.net
Mon Dec 9 01:20:14 MST 2013

On 08/12/13 12:51, Andrew Janke wrote:
> On this note (.blah-config cruft in home directory) I'm curious as to
> how others manage this.  My own approach is that I keep a "dotfiles"
> directory in my home directory and put the things in it that I think
> are useful and want to keep. Things like .bashrc, .inputrc (vi mode!),
> .ssh, etc.

That's pretty much what I do, except that my dotfiles directory is a
public repo: https://github.com/carlohamalainen/dotfiles
I should keep a separate repo for private things like .ssh.

I also have a shell script that I can download from a semi-secret
location that will wget a few key dot files (bashrc-extra, .gitconfig,
.screenrc, and .vimrc) from my public repo and drop them into my home
directory. I found this useful in my previous job where I set up about a
billion new VMs and wanted a sane environment to get things done quickly.

Carlo Hamalainen

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