[clug] recommendations for ARM desktop, server?

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Thu Dec 5 16:58:02 MST 2013

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> Anyone on list using an ARM-based Desktop? What are the recommendations
> for local suppliers etc.? I am thinking of something somewhat larger
> than your average RaspPi, or other "thin clients".
> Also, interested in hearing of any experiences on running LXC (Linux
> Containers) on ARM for virtual servers. What hardware have people tried
> this on? I am thinking I would like something with at least 2GB of RAM
> and some proper SATA ports for SSD or other block devices.
> Thanks for any tips or pointers,
> Bob Edwards.

Hardware for desktop is somewhat Distro specific.  Archlinux have arguably the 
best "coverage".  First step could be to check what hardware your preferred 
distro supports.  


are a local supplier having some boards that might meet your specs.  Remains 
to be seen whether or not it would have suitable Linux supported.

some bits & pieces available from 


HTH (well at least a little)


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