[clug] RFduino not recognised by Arduino environmnet

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sun Dec 8 04:46:48 MST 2013

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Hi all,

I was in the kickstarter project for an RFDuino:


Basically a tiny Arduino-compatible board, which comes with the chip itself,
a USB shield, a button and LED shield, a prototyping shield, a servo shield,
and a battery shield to run the thing separately.

Being new to this, I installed the Arduino software from RPM (yay,
packaging!) and unpacked the RFduino libraries using the instructions at:


"RFduino" is now one of the choices in the Board menu, but when I try to
compile e.g. the Blink example, I get:

"avr-g++: error: unrecognised argument in option '-mmcu=cortex-m0'"

Then a list of valid options, which presumably are all Arduino
architectures.  I assume that the RFduino runs on a cortex-m0.  I'm guessing
that somewhere there's a definitions file that needs to be put somewhere.
I'd appreciate any hints or suggestions on how to get this running.

The next things I want to do are:

a) Use a standard programming environment rather than the Arduino GUI.
b) Use MHVLib (http://www.makehackvoid.com/project/MHVLib)
c) Use Optiboot (http://code.google.com/p/optiboot/)

I'll also talk to the MHV people, who may have a bit more experience, but
I'm sure the CLUG audience is broader and more widely read :-)

Have fun,

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