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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Tue Aug 13 02:32:25 MDT 2013

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On 08/13/2013 12:18 AM, Steve Walsh wrote:
> I'm going to ignore the lack of emails, SMS's or phone calls to see if 
> anything had been organised, and your preference to use a system that is
> ( and no offence to Andrew, here) returning pgsql connection errors far
> more often than the login page as a canonical means of determining if a
> talk has been organised.

That's very kind of you.  Shall I ignore your lack of same?

> On the 2nd of May, in an email titled "CLUG in need of a new cat herder",
> you said;

I'm going away in June, and I'd love a person to volunteer to run the
meetings for the PSIG and the CLUG monthly meeting.

> (PGP Signed original at 
> https://lists.samba.org/archive/linux/2013-May/032153.html)

Ah, good old Steve Walsh "let me point out that email that proves I'm right"
quoting.  How I've missed it.

Because, you see, actually you didn't quote all of my email.  I'm fairly
clear in the first sentence that I wanted someone to volunteer for June.
I've put that up above, so we can refer to it.

> Later that day, I replied with;
> I don't have the time to "do it all" I had when I handed it off to Paul
> in 2007, but I'm certainly happy to take the main CLUG meetings
> organising back on board if other other people are interested in the
> other roles.
> (non signed original email at 
> https://lists.samba.org/archive/linux/2013-May/032155.html)

Yep, totally agree.  So, since we didn't other people interested in the
other roles, shall I assume that you didn't want the job?

> Now, I must admit, I didn't wait for you to come back and "endorse" or
> "bless" my taking the role over, but neither did you correct me when I
> stood up in front of CLUG last month, advised we had interesting talks
> lined up for the next few meetings, and if anyone wanted to talk about
> anything, to see me after the meeting.

Yep.  Because, you know, I was trying to support you, let you do run the
meeting you'd promised to do, and work together.

> So what it appears here is that there confusion and mixed messages all
> around.

Agreed.  I'm sorry for not clearly checking with you as to what you were
wanting to do and for how long.

> I've reverted the LUGIAB system back to list you as the "cat herder" for
> CLUG, and you can add the talks you've organised into the system and
> carry on organising the meetings.

See, now here's where it takes a turn for the odd.

As a result of this miscommunication, which you've clearly said was both our
faults, you're now dumping the whole thing?

Steve, I'm frankly disappointed.  I thought you'd care about CLUG enough to
at least try to give it a go.  I fairly clearly said that I wanted to work
with you, and to get our speaker lists together and put together a really
good programme.  I'm more than happy for you to run the CLUG monthly
meetings!  And given that, you drop the whole thing, deliberately
cherry-pick my email, and don't even tell me or anyone else who you had
lined up (they're not in the LUG-in-a-box, AFAICS)?

And in the Google Plus post at:


You say:

Woo! 2 months! My shortest involvement with a volunteer org before getting
the arse!

So was this referring to CLUG?

If so, then I'm sorry, but you must be mistaken.  No-one can kick you out of
CLUG.  No-one, not least of which me, has asked or told you that you can't
be involved.  In fact, I asked you to do it, and I thanked you on the night
when you did, and I said you could keep doing it!

(If not, then I'm sorry your involvement with whatever other volunteer
organisation you wanted to work with has been curtailed unduly.  I hope you
can resolve it with the people responsible in an amicable way so that you
can do what you like to do.)

Steve, I hate to say this but personally I think that's a bit childish.

I didn't apologise for the confusion, which I regret.  I apologise for it
now.  I'm sorry that we're having this wrangle on a public list.

You seem to have some problem with me.  I don't know what it is.  I've
offered several times to meet with you, at your named time and place, so you
can tell me.  I've offered to pay for your beers or your dinner to give you
a chance to tell me what I've done to offend you.  We got on well several
years ago enough to have lunches and dinners together, but something's
happened, you won't tell me what, and you keep giving me this
passive-aggressive attitude and making my life difficult.

So I renew those offers.  You name the time and place, and I will pay you in
beverages or a meal to tell me what you don't like about me.  It can be with
whoever you want, or just the two of us.  My number is 0422 392 081 if you
want to phone me, and you know my email address.

Or, please, just tell me "I have decided to hate you and stand in the way of
everything you do".  Or whatever you decide.  If you've really decided that
whatever I've done is so heinously wrong that it cannot ever be forgiven,
I'd like to at least know that I'm wasting my time trying to patch things up.

But please don't keep on being silently aggressive to me and standing in the
way of the things I want to do to improve the CLUG.


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