[clug] SparkleShare vs. Dropbox

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Mon Apr 15 23:42:48 MDT 2013

> On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 09:51:59AM +1000, Jamie Carl wrote:
>> I've now been using ownCloud since yesterday and have officially
>> both SparkleShare and Dropbox completely.  It has happily sync'd about
>> 3GB of data without a problem.  I was originally using both for
different purposes but ownCloud covers everything.
> I'm curious how you are using it. I assume its not for remote backup
of files because you'd have your files on your computer and push
> to
> owncloud... which is on the same computer.
> I've used Dropbox and spideroak for backups and both of them seem to do
> it ok, but it still seems a bit fiddly to me.

With my Raspberry Pi, I followed the instructions at;

and had great success for a month. Videos, images and Documents on my
main computer were all cloned via my home network.

Then the powered caddy holding the HDD died. I suppose that was better
than say dropbox dying as have you physical control of the storage

I really don't have a genuine need for a cloud. rsyncing every week or
so has satisfied me in the past and probably will do so in the future.

Using wifi with an RPi/HDD and caddy is currently cheaper than buying
a wifi enabled HDD.


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