[clug] FOSS Quote: "Why Open Source? because I prefer to surf the wave to the beach rather than swim all the way in"

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Apr 14 02:15:25 MDT 2013

Saw this tagline on a website and thought it (the tag) was worth sharing
with you.

Very nicely says it all, for me anyway.

Comments? Improvements?
[Is there a cute abbrev. for "Top That One You Bunch of Brilliant
People!" ?? Sounds like Dr Who has gotten to me :-(]

Site I saw:

PS: Not trolling by using FOSS, not FLOSS or OSS or anything else.
Yes I know, no I don't care. Please substitute your preferred phrase and
accept my earnest apologies in advance.

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