[clug] Recommendation for a Linux Distro to replace Win-XP

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sat Apr 13 02:33:33 MDT 2013

Ian Bardsley wrote on 13/04/13 5:40 PM:
> Linux Mint 14 (Maya) with Thunderbird as the mail client. There is a
> choice of desktop appearance and functionality between "Mate", ( close
> to Gnome 2 ) and "Cinnamon" ( a Gnome 3 way to work a bit like Windows
> XP). I have found Cinnamon to be very good and quite stable.
> Mint 14 will be upgraded in 4 to six weeks and promises to add even more
> functionality though this remains to be seen.
> Both flavours are available as LIVE CDs if you want to take a look at
> the options and can then be installed from the same CD. You can of
> course use memory sticks if you prefer.
> Just my 2 bobs worth
> Regards
> Ian Bardsley


That's great. Thanks very much.

I'll add it to the list to try. [I can only give her 2 choices at most]
What are VM's for ??? And Live CD's :-)


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