[clug] SSD drives and lots of writes

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> Hi Steve, all
> > Ahh this sounds like cargo culting of "accepted wisdom" from the early
> > days of SSDs.
> > [...]
> I have had SSDs run out of writes on me.
> Admittedly that was one of the things I was intending to measure, but I
> using it in a desktop not a server environment.
> So yes it can be done, and it didn't take that long (year and a bit IIRC).
> > So ignoring the "shortened" lifespan, I'd suggest that by the end of
> > life of the disk you'll be laughing how you ever managed to fit
> > anything on the thing in the first place.
> The good thing about an out-of-writes SSD is that you can still read all
> data, so it's not at all the same as a dead spinning HD.

As a counter argument, my primary server at home is running ZFS
(OpenSolaris) with an L2ARC (read cache) and log on separate partitions on
an SSD.

I've been through about 4 Supertalent FTM64GX25H SSDs, which all failed with
read errors after about 3 months of use.

Since I replaced the drive with an Sandforce based drive, it has been much
more reliable, however, I have still had the drive drop off the machine, and
was only able to bring it back by TRIMing the whole drive in another

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