[clug] [WOT] Apple Store Canberra: 10AM Sat 8-Sept, Canberra Centre

Helen South helen.south at opensuse.org
Tue Sep 4 02:55:18 MDT 2012

> yes, they have to buy into the Apple Ecosystem and have someone
> permanently digging into their wallet, but they won't bug you nearly as
> much.

> But given the nature of this list and the many types of humour and/or
> philosophical position w.r.t. Software, Patents and Insanely Great
> Ripoffs, I'm hoping a bunch of you will jump onto the thread and speak
> your minds.
> Cheers
> steve

This kinda reminds me of when the hapless evangelist wanders into the
Atheist forum determined to convert the heathens.

I use Microsoft for work because its a windows-centric environment and
I need to know the software that I'll use as part of a research team.
But I'm working on becoming expert in open source educational
software. To paraphrase Stallman, I choose not to trade my freedom for

You know all the arguments against Apple already, no need to rehash them :)
This says it well:
Apple kills Star Trek:

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