[clug] Declining attendance?

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 18:29:02 MDT 2012

> I am frustrated daily by the capture of my personal data in very
> useful cloud computing services where it is hard to access, migrate, and
> may cost ridiculous sums for "premium" services, etc. Furthermore, my data
> is now vulnerable to the changing whims of the service provider

+1  (says yet another poster with a gmail address).

So quick! go write me an "opencloud" style thing that has a credible
alternative to gmail+google drive+google calendar that I can run from
home or from my own machine at home (let's call it a "fog", it's a
cloud in genesis) or on a machine somewhere out there that I pay

what if I say please?

with sugar on top?


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