[clug] Declining attendance?

Jim Croft jim.croft at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 00:54:52 MDT 2012

Wow. I have the opposite problem. My Linux needs have just slipped
into background because things just work and I have almost forgotten
what a command line looks like.

After I junked the other operating Linux installed itself, upgrades
itself, runs programs I install, and basically has faded into the
background. Which is probably what an operating system is supposed to
do. I had a network of three Linux boxes an wifi stuffs but I was just
maintaining it for the sake of maintaining it and have slowly
collapsed back to a single laptop, a tablet and a phone.

Although I now use it all day every day, Linux is no longer an
activity for me. I have shelves of books and disks of man files I
never consult.  I feel guilty, even sad, a fraud, about it, but it has
got to the stage attending a Linux Users meetings has become as
essential as attending ACTEW/AGL users meetings. :)

I no longer love Linux. I just use it. And I would rather use it than
anything else.

The only downside is I have to put up with Mac dudes telling me how
much better their latest gizmo is. And. I. Just. Don't. Care. :)


On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 5:18 PM, Maurie May <mauriemay at gmail.com> wrote:
> G'day Paul,
> Sorry I'm a little late in replying to the initial email in this thread.
> I'm very much a newby who has been trying to get a Linux setup going that
> would enable both myself & my wife to painlessly change over from Windows.
> In our home we have an office computer, a workshop computer, and we each
> have a laptop. I have an extra laptop & a desktop which are my Linux test
> boxes.  Each of these computers is networked, the workshop & the laptops by
> wireless, and the office, the Linux test desktop & the  NAS running on Cat
> 5. Except for the Linux test boxes, each of these computers can back up to
> the NAS.
> To get all these running successfully on Linux has been a pain, to put it
> mildly, and a number of times I've been tempted to throw the whole thing in
> & continue to live on the dark side. Each time this has happened Windows /
> Microsoft has done something that has inspired me to keep trying with
> Linux. However, I have not achieved this yet, so we are still on Windows
> I've been to a few Linux meetings, hoping to gain a bit of extra knowledge
> here & there that might help, but although I've enjoyed the sessions & the
> company, I can't say that I've actually learnt anything that was helpful to
> me. And with the situation with my computers, neither could I really take
> them along to a meeting to work on them there.
> Nevertheless, if there WAS some sort of a training session, I'd be there
> with bells on!
> So, there is at least one person who would be interested in talking with
> some folk who know a bit more about Linux that I do.
> Cheers
> Maurie
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