[clug] Declining attendance?

Maurie May mauriemay at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 00:18:15 MDT 2012

G'day Paul,

Sorry I'm a little late in replying to the initial email in this thread.

I'm very much a newby who has been trying to get a Linux setup going that
would enable both myself & my wife to painlessly change over from Windows.
In our home we have an office computer, a workshop computer, and we each
have a laptop. I have an extra laptop & a desktop which are my Linux test
boxes.  Each of these computers is networked, the workshop & the laptops by
wireless, and the office, the Linux test desktop & the  NAS running on Cat
5. Except for the Linux test boxes, each of these computers can back up to
the NAS.

To get all these running successfully on Linux has been a pain, to put it
mildly, and a number of times I've been tempted to throw the whole thing in
& continue to live on the dark side. Each time this has happened Windows /
Microsoft has done something that has inspired me to keep trying with
Linux. However, I have not achieved this yet, so we are still on Windows

I've been to a few Linux meetings, hoping to gain a bit of extra knowledge
here & there that might help, but although I've enjoyed the sessions & the
company, I can't say that I've actually learnt anything that was helpful to
me. And with the situation with my computers, neither could I really take
them along to a meeting to work on them there.

Nevertheless, if there WAS some sort of a training session, I'd be there
with bells on!

So, there is at least one person who would be interested in talking with
some folk who know a bit more about Linux that I do.



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