[clug] [Way OT] WIkispeed: collaborative-built sportscar, $25, 000, 635kg, 100mpg (2.5L/100km), top-speed 220+kph

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Nov 15 21:25:57 MST 2012

1hr video (keynote addrs) speaking about the project and their Agile

Won't get 100mpg @ 200kph :-)
uses a 1.8L Honda engine. They reckon, "just change it to electric".
"modular"... Can fit other bodies to frame, change sub-assembles.

Really, really basic. More like a race car.

One design iteration they've open-sourced (for all the 'makers' on-list
wanting to DIY)

Website - includes 'Join the Team' (No idea on how to find people in Aus)

They compare themselves to 'Maker Plane', but not as quite open source.

Reference+pic made to an open-source tractor as well.

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