[clug] GNOME 3 in trouble according to El reg. True or a beat up? (linux Digest, Vol 119, Issue 3, Message 2)

Jamie Carl jazz at funkynerd.com
Mon Nov 5 16:56:52 MST 2012


Interesting discussion.  It has pretty much turned my day upside-down.

Normally I use GnomeClassicon Ubuntu (Gnome 2) because it does most of
the things that I need quite well and runs smooth.  Butbecause ofthis
thread I decided to go off and try all of the desktop environments
people have mentioned just to get an idea of the current state of
things. Just today I have tried LXDE/Openbox, XFCE4, Gnome2 and Gnome3,
and Cinnamon.  I didn't try KDE4 because I have only just recently moved
away from it.

After all of that, I've decided to switch to Cinnamon.  I could see the
pros/cons in all of them but Cinnamon seemed to suite me the best.  What
I look for is a classic panel layout (hate these touch influenced
designs like Unity and Gnome Shell), some eye candy but not so much that
it bogs things down (like KDE4), and good multi-monitor support as I
switch between a VGA LCD panel and the laptop panel regularly and the
gnomesque desktops switch between the two resolutions nicely.  In fact
XFCE4 just missed out because it didn't handle this nicely.

Things are looking good so far.  Because it's so easy to just load
another desktop environment on Linux to try it out, I suggest that
anyone looking for something new should check out Cinnamon.

Thanks CLUG. :)


On 06/11/12 10:15, Miles Goodhew wrote:
> All,
>   This seems to be what I've heard of Gnome for some time.
>   Personally my preferred desktop has been XFCE (Xubuntu) for... a
> long time (Maybe 2001-ish, if it actually existed then). Nevertheless
> I've just blindly downloaded and installed subsequent "plain vanilla"
> Ubuntu releases with whatever WM they come with mostly since.
>   It's mainly that I just don't spend much time on the desktop of any
> Linux distro, often I'll try the GUI for a few minutes before heading
> off to CTRL-ALT-F1-land. Most of the time I'm stuck with an MS-Windows
> desktop (Not a choice!)
>   The one radical UI development I'd like to see is to do-away with
> the overlapping window. I'd like something like the Eclipse platform
> as a window manager. Ratpoison is sort-of following this idea, but it
> could do with a bit more versatility of control and a
> spaces/desktops/perspectives feature.
> M0les.

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