[clug] Canberra Python User Group this week at ANU N101

Elena Williams ele.wil at gmail.com
Mon May 28 05:04:43 MDT 2012

I've never posted this here before, but on Wednesday night (30th) is the
Python user group in the same room as CLUG: the notoriously difficult to
find N101.

There's going to be a bunch of Python folk. I'll be mentioning LCA2013 and
perhaps  ZK (I usually do :).

The format is:
~ one or more short formal presentations (this time at least one from
someone from Uber)
~ pull chairs around and yabber about python for a while
~ go to Wig and Pen and drink beer and continue to yabber about python

Tis a good format and the last item is going to be featuring strongly for
me on this particular Wednesday seeing as I'll be entering a (well-desrved)
brief pre-exams lull.

Elena :)

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