[clug] ANU routing issues last night

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Thu May 24 20:12:57 MDT 2012

We had a bit of a laugh at how Dodo advertised all of Optus's routes
to Telstra (and how Telstra would never have accepted those routes,

We also, comedically, had reports of 50% packet loss between ANU and 
overseas sites last night...

Maybe we (I) laughed too soon:

> 	The Internet performance issue's experienced yesterday evening where caused by a large route leakage from the ACTIX ( ACT Internet Exchange ) at TransACT at 6:45 UTC into the AARNET network. This caused performance issues on border networking connections across AARNET connected institutions. In ANU's case this required a reboot of the border routers to resolve the issue which as performed at 23:22:13 EST Thu May 24 2012. The only other institution ... reporting problems was Curtin University who had to perform the same action to remediate the problem given they use the same hardware. AARNET has taken action to minimise the impact of these events into the future...

Looks like the AARNet guys might have made the same mistake we all
laughed at Telstra doing... Oooops.

Bob Edwards.

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