[clug] Domain name registration

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 01:33:42 MDT 2012

On 21/03/12 13:36, Grant Morphett wrote:
> Which company is everybody choosing to register their Australian Domains
> through these days?  This place
> http://www.cheapdomains.com.au/
> Seems quite cheap and has linux web hosting but I can't speak for their
> quality of service.
> Other suggestions?
$22 - $25 for 2 years registration of .com.au is about the usual range
(wholesale price is $20.50).

The two largest Australian TLD registrants are Melbourne IT and Tucow.
Most everyone else is a reseller for them or GoDaddy. GoDaddy have a
*terrible* reputation (fair warning).

At a minimum you're paying for the registration of a name - *any*
company can do that for you.

You may want DNSSEC (you should), your name and contact details
obscured, to easily be able to move your site (make sure you can do that
more than once every other year), the ability to sell your domain name.

Hosting should be considered separately - any company that offers
"unlimited" anything is either lying, or not worth placing business with.

Kind regards

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