[clug] HDD Recovery Services recommendations ?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Mar 1 21:24:59 MST 2012

"Dumb Schmuck" question/comment from me...

More than once I've had USB devices Just Not Work on a system (that's
not all that uncommon), but sometimes the only solution I could find was
a "cold restart" - i.e. Cycle the Power to the system.

Not an ctrl-alt-del, not 'reset button', but the full enchilada...

Brett or others may have more of a clue about:
 a) does this *really* happen [or was it my incompetence/ignorance], and
 b) why seemingly the hardware (USB controller?) goes screwy...

I carefully scanned both Hughs post and the responses before contrib
this 2c worth.

Hugh Blemings wrote on 1/03/12 9:48 PM:
> Hiya,
> A friend of mine is in the unenviable situation of needing to get data
> recovered from two 1TB hard drives.  Yes, I know, backups, yes yes
> yes... :/
> I've not sighted the drives myself but gather they're name brand USB
> external drives.  It's not clear to me if they are making horrible
> noises, or just not showing up on the machine they're connected to -
> clearly this represents two extremes of the depth of problem :(
> The first port of call will be a careful inspection with some tools
> under Linux and not modifying anything on the drive.
> If they end up needing to go the full forensic route, anyone had
> experiences good or bad with any of the Canberra based companies that
> advertise these services ?
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> Cheers,
> Hugh

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