[clug] Internet connectivity

Conrad Canterford conrad at watersprite.com.au
Thu Mar 1 02:44:49 MST 2012

On Thu, 2012-03-01 at 19:57 +1100, Owen wrote:
> > Recently my internet is playing up: websites not finishing loading,
> > IRC and IM clients continually disconnecting, etc.
> I, and at least one other, have noticed the random failure of web
> pages to load first time, ie, requiring a reload.
> This seems to have only just started in the "last couple of weeks" No
> empirical data I'm afraid.

I, too, have noticed similar problems in the last little while. Also
nothing concrete regarding time - I just remember thinking at some point
about a week ago that I'd been having to reload pages an awful lot
lately to get them to load. We're with Exetel. Can't say conclusively
whether a Chrome "upgrade" happened at about the time I started to see
issues, since I don't remember when they started.


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