[clug] Flash VM: anyone seen/heard of this?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sat Jan 7 22:40:43 MST 2012

Came across this piece of work and thought it may be of interest:

"Overall, the FlashVM system provides up to 94% reduction in application
execution time and is four times more responsive than swapping to disk.
 Furthermore, it improves reliability by writing up to 93% fewer pages
than Linux, and provides a garbage collection mechanism *that is up to
10 times faster* than Linux with discard support."

"FlashVM modifies the paging system along code paths for allocating,
reading and writing back pages to optimize for the performance
characteristics of flash.
 It also reduces the number of page writes using zero-page sharing and
page sampling that prioritize the eviction of clean pages."

==> Seems that Linux is becoming a preferred system research platform
    because the code is available.

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