[clug] [OT] Two UK Silver Analogue Tivo's Free

jhock jhock at iinet.net.au
Wed Jan 4 14:28:36 MST 2012

Hi Grant,

I don't know much about these things but I was looking for something
that would allow me to record TV shows from a satellite input.

We have installed a 2.1 metre satellite dish that currently points to
eight different satellites (not simultaneously of course) so we get lots
of free to air satellite TV programmes. My wife likes some Chinese shows
but they are on late at night. We would like to record these shows so
she can watch them later at a more convenient time. Can we do this with
the Tivos or can we modify them to do that? If so then I would be
interested in getting one.



On Wed, 2012-01-04 at 21:53 +1100, Grant Morphett wrote:
> I have two silver Tivo's I bought from the UK some time ago.  They served
> me well for years but I now have a stock digital one and I no longer need
> these.  One has been modded with an ethernet card.  Both have upgraded HDD
> from the original 40 - to 320 I think.  As they are from the UK they have a
> PAL tuner already so no modding required although it is only analogue.  I
> know I could use the remote from these as a spare on my digital Tivo box
> but I'd rather give them away to someone who is going to use the WHOLE box.
>  They are not running the original software :-)
> Let me know if you want them.  They have all the bits.
> -- 
> Thanks
> Grant

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