[clug] [OT] Two UK Silver Analogue Tivo's Free

Grant Morphett grant at gmorph.com
Wed Jan 4 03:53:42 MST 2012

I have two silver Tivo's I bought from the UK some time ago.  They served
me well for years but I now have a stock digital one and I no longer need
these.  One has been modded with an ethernet card.  Both have upgraded HDD
from the original 40 - to 320 I think.  As they are from the UK they have a
PAL tuner already so no modding required although it is only analogue.  I
know I could use the remote from these as a spare on my digital Tivo box
but I'd rather give them away to someone who is going to use the WHOLE box.
 They are not running the original software :-)

Let me know if you want them.  They have all the bits.



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