[clug] WebGL in Android: the results

Hugh Fisher hugh.fisher at anu.edu.au
Tue Dec 4 15:56:36 MST 2012

Thank you to everyone who has replied.

Overall, 6 / 18 browser & Android combinations had WebGL.

(Paul Wayper's "Error in vertex shader" counts as as a buggy success, 
since the error message, although silly, is generated by WebGL.)

3 of the successful were Firefox, 1 Opera, 2 the default browser on 
Android 4. I'm a little surprised that apparently none of the Chrome 
browsers worked, since Chrome does run WebGL on desktop Linux.

Not a great success rate, but WebGL is still in the early days. And it's 
way way better than iOS on any Apple phone or tablet which is currently 
at 0%, none, nada. So if you're one of the successful cube viewers and 
want to annoy an iPhone owner, go browsing for some WebGL content :-)

	Hugh Fisher

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