[clug] Torrents for Jamie's talk on Thursday

Jamie Carl jazz at funkynerd.com
Mon Aug 27 00:12:50 MDT 2012

Hello all!

I just thought I'd add, that if anyone wants help/advice/whatever with
MongoDB, feel free to contact me at this address and I'll do my best to
help out.

Also, if the guy who asked about using GridFS as an actual filesystem is
on this mailing list, 10gen have pointed me toward this github project:
https://github.com/mikejs/gridfs-fuse.  Might be worth checking it out.


On 26/08/12 18:39, Paul Wayper wrote:
> Hi all,
> Here are the torrents for the videos of Jamie's talk on MongoDB last
> Thursday:
> http://mabula.net/CLUG_2012-08_Jamie-Carl_MongoDB.ogv.torrent - 91M
> http://mabula.net/CLUG_2012-08_Jamie-Carl_MongoDB_small.ogv.torrent - 47M
> We apologise for the video being only the slides and not including an
> actual
> video stream.  The firewire connection in the cable decided to throw some
> pins, and I fear this has broken the connector in the laptop.  That
> meant we
> couldn't take a feed from the video camera, leaving us with the digitised
> video of the slides.  The old cable was thrown out, I've bought a
> ExpressCard
> Firewire card, and we'll see if that works with new cables.
> Hope this helps,
> Paul

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