[clug] Howto change /Title in PDFs?

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 21:05:51 MDT 2012

Any suggestions for simple methods to change/create the Title for PDFs?

ImageMagick export allow the creation of a "title" or "caption" for
images, but doesn't seem to apply them to PDF files created with "convert".
convert: unrecognised option `-title' @

Instead Title uses the path/file-name of the image file from which the
PDF was converted e.g. from "strings":-
/Title (/tmp/scanimage.pdf)

The Title I wish to apply to the PDFs is the same as the PDF file-name
minus the .pdf extension, `date "+%H%M_%d-%m-%Y"`

Preferred solution would be as close to current process as possible
(i.e. not require installing mono libraries or calling script wrappers).

scanbuttond (get button push) > scanimage (GRAY 8-bit) > imagemagick
(convert to jpg) > imagemagick (convert to small pdf)

Version of ImageMagick being used is
The PDFs being produced are simple, single page, A4 (image only).

Thanks in anticipation

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