[clug] LVM Partion Access

Brett Worth brett at worth.id.au
Tue Sep 13 22:21:32 MDT 2011

Hello All!

 From time to time I have mounted a virtual machine's disk image file on the host server. 
  There are three scenarios:

1.  The image file contains just a filesystem
	mount -o loop IMAGEFILE /mnt

2.  The image has a partition table
	kpartx -av IMAGEFILE
	mount /dev/mapper/loop0pN /mnt

3.  The image has a partition table and one of the partitions has been given to LVM.
	kpartx -av IMAGEFILE
	(magic commands)
	mount /dev/mapper/MyNewVolGroup-LogVol00 /mnt

Can someone tell me what goes in the brackets?  I have a feeling it will need to be 
imported into the host server's LVM config which means it would then have to be exported 
again before the VM can use it.



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