[clug] brightness settings wonky after Ubuntu 10.10 upgrade

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Thu Sep 15 02:05:17 MDT 2011

> Just upgraded to 11.04 and the problem persists. I'm aiming to check
> some bug reports/log this as bug later.
> I just noted other display problems, such as the yucky gnome/compiz
> (?) flashy interface drawing off the edge of the screen. Resetting the
> login default to the 'classic' interface fortunately got rid of the
> problem & UI garbage too :-)

On my Acer laptop and Ubuntu-11.04, brightness is set by;

System -> Preferences -> Power Management -> On AC Power -> Adjust
“Set display brightness to” slider to the level desired -> Make

But I would like a key combination to alter it and wonder how "On
Battery" changes are made.


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