[clug] CF card - 256MB or more

Peter VK1PE vk1pe.peter at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 10:36:51 MDT 2011

At a sale over the last weekend I came across a HP Jornada 680e PDA ( 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jornada_%28PDA%29#Jornada_680e>) complete 
and 'pristine' except the power pack. So, as yet, I've been unable to 
power it up and see the magnificent Windoze CE running.

I've found some advice ( 
http://jlime.com/wiki/documentation/user/6xx/installation) on how to get 
it running Linux, but it involves a 256MB CF card = CompactFlash ( 

So, and this is a big ask:
a.    does anyone have one of these Jornada 680 or similar that's seen 
better days, but the power supply works? ... and I'd de-clutter for you....
b.    does anyone have a 256MB or larger CF card that they would loan 
for a while? I gues that it could also be a PCMCIA version of memory, 
too, as they share the 68/50 pin interface.

I've already contemplated making up a cable jumper from another 12V 1.2A 
power supply to the smaller-than-now-nomal DC in port.

Any other suggestions on these dilemas are also welcome.

An issue is that I'm away for a while from late this week, so this is 
for thought/discission/hypothetical at present; but, I'm still 



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