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Steven Hanley wrote on 17/10/11 3:16 PM:

> I agree, the K&R book is still one of the best refernces (probably the best)
> I have ever read.  The language C and the unix system are still so
> incredibly useful and well thought out.  DMR gave us a lot of great work.
> Vale DMR
> 	See You
> 	    Steve

Something I missed entirely mentioned by Pike in a followup:
Dennis (with Steve Johnson) invented portable O/S's.
They redid Unix to be portable:

Richard Miller @ Uni of Wollongong did the first O/S port (of V6), which
was a feat in itself. No redesign/rewriting.

Another friend mentioned TCP/IP.
The BSD stack and utilities, funded by DARPA, were free and even used by
Microsoft as a starting point. 'Berkeley style sockets' (== BSD)

Some of Plan 9's features have made it into Linux:
 - /proc and other pseudo filesystem
 - transparent or overlay mounts
 - must be more...

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