[clug] Booting to Windows SCCM using syslinux / gPXE

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 21:32:08 MDT 2011

On 07/10/11 14:24, Jamie Reid wrote:
> Hi all,
> Long time lurker, first time poster.
> Does anyone know how I can boot a Windows SCCM boot file (.com) via tftp
> from a vesamenu.c32 menu?
> I've tried googling around but had no luck.
> -Jamie

But it's possible.
I'm not familiar with the vesamenu - but have in the distant past used
Linux to do pxe/RIS Windoof installs (I used Barts PE).
I vaguely remember having to change the boot file extension - but you
should check.

Hint: try searching for "linux pxe windows installs"

Get it working using the default menu system - then move to a graphical
menu. The vesamenu looks purdy, and will get you around the menu entries
limitation of the text menu (but that's all it does).
GPXE is superior to the old pxe, and will do everything that pxe could do.


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