[clug] OT: Help with finding why Google CHROME and Apply Safari Fail displaying My WEB Pages Properly

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Thu May 12 19:54:34 MDT 2011

On 13/05/2011, at 9:56 AM, <ad.muir at scorpius.selfip.net> wrote:

> The scripts that live behind the web pages work fine when using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and a number of other web browsers, but fails reliably with Apply Safari and Google Chrome.

Here's my free advice, for what it's worth:

First, obtain a copy of "JavaScript: The Definitive Guide" - http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596000486/
  It's available as a paper or digital copy, and it is a *reference* rather than a *tutorial*.

Second, be prepared to face the fact that there is no easy solution to writing a site that support Internet Explorer and anything else. Cry a river, build a bridge, get over it. Roll up your sleeves and prepare for some messy work (and lots of reading).

Third, here are a couple of sites that might be useful:
 - http://w3schools.com/
 - http://www.webdevelopersjournal.com/

Fourth, research jQuery - it's a common JavaScript library that helps make life easier for people building cross-platform web sites (i.e.: web sites that have to work with Internet Explorer as well as all the real web browsers).

Fifth, a nitpick: "web" is just a noun, not a proper noun, not an acronym, so it's just "web" and "web browser". "Opera" is a proper noun, as is "Chrome". Writing stuff in all-uppercase when it's not an acronym breaks the flow of your text.

Hope something of this might be useful,

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