[clug] ADSL router recommendations?

George Bray georgebray at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 17:48:01 MST 2011

> http://www.draytek.com.au/
> Anyone have any experience with this brand of routers?
> Jeff.

I've got a 2820 and it's been really good for nearly a year now.  I've
been using it mainly with USB 3G dongles, it works with pre and post
paid ones. Hopefully today I get my ADSL installed, so I'll be able to
use both connections in a failover situation. As I'm on a RIM I can't
test the ADSL2+ Annex M and L features, but they're in there and
apparently work fine with internode.

Draytek will probably suit a more geeky person like you. There are
lots of knobs to fiddle with.  The only downside is the web admin UI
uses alot of javascript, and I've found some features don't work in
Chrome (but safari is fine).  They seem to update the firmware


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