[clug] GPS, GIS, GTS, SDI and FOSS

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 06:27:51 MST 2011

Just noticed the posts about ngis etc.
I'm currently working on a local project developing a gis/gts solution
for a (commercial) client.

At this point I'm just looking at a GIS that can work with the clients
existing closed GTS system, with a view to replacing/supplementing it
with OpenGTS to overcome some existing limitations (inability to track
movement at < 8Kmph etc). Eventually the system will plug into a
specialized botanical database and a/n SDI/s.

I've currently got a number of cheap leased GPS units deployed which
provide sub-optimal data - as well as looking to enhance their accuracy
with corrective data and better aerials I'll be purchasing several hand
held GPS units.
* Any one have any experience (or suggestions) for absolute
metre/sub-metre GPS solutions that *don't* cost thousands of dollars each?
Extra points for an open-ish GPS chipset.

* Does anyone know about the local CORS?
I'm told there is a network in Dickson (which could be in range of my
project area).

* Another solution to ionospheric distortion is internet sourced
corrective data - any suggestions/experience there?
A local base station is unlikely to work due to the local topography.

My budget is not huge, and while the project is interesting enough (for
me) to do at cost - the current GPS units I've looked have a number of
problems other than price.
The main contender is the Ashtech (rebadged Magellan) which is software
unlockable to upgrade from a multi-hundred to multi-thousand dollar
device (MM100 - PM200) - Windoof Mobile 6.5 OS - closed software and
closed (BLADE) GPS chipset. I'm happy to work with any OS, but I'm
concerned the support life of WM won't be 5+ years - and without open
access to the GPS chip I can only get limited data (NMEA 0183).

Thanks for the posts Antti, and Bob.


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