[clug] Adding n-wireless network to g

Stephen Gibson Stephen.Gibson at anu.edu.au
Fri Jun 3 00:51:29 MDT 2011

   Not a Linux question, but I would appreciate your wisdom, advice
and/or recommendations.

I would like to add a n-wireless network to my current g system, for
transferring video files: 

    mythtv-backend  -(wireless)->  router  -(wireless)->  UPnP TV

My current set up:

    mythtv-backend  -(CAT5)->      router  -(g-wireless)-> UPnP TV

works, but I would like to relocate the backend.

My current ADSL modem router is a Telstra gateway2wire which normally 
connects at ~5000/400  (from memory), but will quite happily switch down 
to ~2000 at night and annoyingly occasionally break the ADSL connection 
requiring ~1-2 minute reset. This may simply be line/exchange related.

Checking the web, there are 3 options for adding n-wireless:
(1) Replace the ADSL modem with a n/g modem
(2) Bridge the current modem and add a n-router
(3) Add a n-access point

Some hardware options appear to be:
(1) Billion 7800N (2.4GHz)   $160 msy
(2) Linksys E2000 (selectable dual band)   $116 msy   /  Asus RT-N16 $150 msy
(3) Netgear WNHDE111(5GHz)  ~$100

Since many n-routers can act as access points, I guess option (3) can
be deleted.

Replacing the modem provides the possibility of improved connection
speed and stability. But, I have read that concurrent g-wireless
connections may slow the n-wireless network.  Having written this
I now realise that adding a n-router will not help the n-/g- conflict,
since I guess the modem (2.4GHz g-) wifi must be turned off.

Anyway, does anyone have any experience with n-network performance when
g-devices are present?



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