[clug] Avoiding NVIDIA Optimus ?

Warren Gardner warrenjgardner at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 08:54:47 MDT 2011

I popped into DSE to ask about looking at the BIOS and booting from a
Ubuntu CD in the store.  I was handed over to the main man.  We had a
look at the BIOS straight away then had a long chat.  He didn't answer
the Ubuntu part of my question but in the end it didn't matter.

The result is I don't have a computer.  Here is an outline in case it
may be of some use.

  Optimus notes.

The BIOS is extremely cut down.  The salesman was surprised so we had
a look at the BIOS of a couple of other computers with Optimus. Their
BIOS did not feature a way to control the graphics card either. But
these computers (Toshiba and ?) had many more BIOS options for other
stuff.  The Acer Aspire AS5750G-2414G75Bnkk was almost bare.

- "The AS5750G isn't listed as confirmed working, but the AS5745PG is, so
I like your chances."
I explained Bumblebee.  Though much like Ronnie Corbett in those old
BBC commercials.  He thought the AS5745PG working was a good sign. We
ended up looking at the specs of AS5745PG (or something similar they
used to stock).    He saw that although the graphics were much the
same, the processor was not a Sandy Bridge.  He said having a
different processor meant all bets were off.

  End of Optimus notes.

  Start of bad news for me.

I asked if I could hold off buying the computer at last weeks sale
price (as previously arranged) until Sunday.  That way I could consult
you guys again.  He went to find out.  He was gone for some time. When
he came back the said he had very bad news.  I could not have the
computer at sale price - period.  The lad I had spoken to on Sunday,
being fairly new, got it wrong.  I could still get the monitor and
keyboard at the price arranged on Sunday but not the laptop as the
price was significantly below cost.  Cost Price $1,050 (from the quick
peek he gave me) and sale price $769.

  End of bad news for me.

I really appreciate your help people of CLUG!!
Thank you,

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