[clug] Avoiding NVIDIA Optimus ?

Warren Gardner warrenjgardner at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 06:42:10 MDT 2011

Ta Steve. I have been told before that I should do that but I don't
know what I should be looking for.  I have booted Ubuntu from CD in
computers. When something doesn't work Ubuntu tells me it's either
because it needs a driver or needs to be installed to hard drive.
What did your friend test with the Ubuntu CD?

Brett  re:  "I'd say my positivity needs to be read as poorly
suppressed fanaticism. i.e. seeing it as a challenge."

I completely know what you mean.   I'm actually a little worried I
won't be able to stop myself from experimenting and messing around
with my new computer.  I really need 3 computers: A smoothly running
computer with some punch, a computer to learn computers on, and a
computer to practice learning (trial & error) on.


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