[clug] AGIMO bad bad bad - government input into agimo

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Jan 20 18:09:54 MST 2011

Jim Croft wrote on 21/01/11 8:06 AM:
> But would the Custodians of the Architecture of Deep Thought listen to
> a lowly technically illiterate bureaucrat on a minor planet on the
> Outer Eastern Arm of the Galaxy?
> jim (clutching is open source towel)

I think I can say "yes", but maybe not always and never quickly...

Please be encouraged by this recent win.

Ron Skeoch of Muli Management caused the ATO to change it's AUSkey
"Windows & OS/X only" policy.

True, it's only a Java version, but it's something...

At the end of December a version was released.
I suspect that Ron paid for the 'conversion'.
I know he wants to get it rewritten in 'C'.

21-May-2010: Donna Benjamin complains AUSkey refuses to work on Linux.

And the ATO commenting it's all a bit to hard for them:

The only ".gov.au" mention of AUSkey for Linux release.
Only a pointer to a CIO article.
No mention on ato.gov.au, abr.gov.au or sbr.gov.au

This is the CIO article:

More background from LA president [2nd para]

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