[clug] AGIMO bad bad bad - government input into agimo

Daniel Black daniel.subs at internode.on.net
Thu Jan 20 14:23:11 MST 2011

On Friday 21 January 2011 08:06:03 Jim Croft wrote:
> But would the Custodians of the Architecture of Deep Thought listen to
> a lowly technically illiterate bureaucrat on a minor planet on the
> Outer Eastern Arm of the Galaxy?
> jim (clutching is open source towel)

Write a formal polite response it in a language they understand.

* show there is a range of vendors for ODF - relate this to fair and 
competitive procurement
* describe the risks of patents of OOXML as they will limit the market
* describe the impact of unspecified part of the OOXML standard (proprietry 
extensions) which leads to vendor lockin
* describe the N, N-1 parts of the policy to vendor lockin

One you have done that see if you can convince some higher up to sign of on 
it. If this fails - send it anyway. Some response is better than none. Because 
I think we all know what the impact of a long thread on this list will be - I 
won't get any pleasure out of it. Get off your ass and write to the right 

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