[clug] really cheap linux laptop

Hal Ashburner hal at ashburner.info
Mon Feb 28 00:03:33 MST 2011

Hey Clug,
I've built and written a system for a friend doing an art project that 
has at its core a laptop running linux. It needs to run a screen, drive 
some speakers and have working usb for a webcam & keyboard controller 
for input. It's basically a photobooth with what amount almost literally 
to silly bells and whistles.
I had planned to use my old IBM T42 laptop, which was a machine I loved 
before retiring it mid last year.
It turns it this is a no go as it seems to have (the apparently common) 
"loose gpu" problem.
I'm one of those guys who is terrified of soldering irons and I want no 
part of the fix described above so what I need is some kind of 
replacement machine.

Anyone had good experience with a particular model of secon hand laptop?
Or is there some species of new netbook kind of thing that would get the 
job done for similar money?
Other suggestions?
Shuttle & screen isn't going to fit the thing that's been fabricated and 
I'm not in a position to change that. Ideally something similar sized to 
a t42 or a bit smaller perhaps would be ideal. It obviously has to run 
linux (and probably x86 linux for effecient functioning of multimedia 

Any suggestions welcomed.


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