[clug] ssl and https

dylan porter dylan.porter3 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 14:53:09 MST 2011

On 02/27/2011 07:31 AM, Paul Wayper wrote:
> On 02/26/2011 06:13 PM, Peter Barker wrote:
> > Your problem as originally stated was:
> >> My problem is that i cannot connect to some websites that have ssl and
> >> https, like facebook and sourceforge and it wont connect to instant
> >> messengers.
> > So.  Since you are having problems with *some* websites - we should
> get the
> > diagnostics for those websites.
> Step 2 - what were those websites?  What were the problems you were
> having.
> You say "cannot connect" - what happens?  What error messages are
> given, if
> any?  Your tcptraceroute shows that you can get to some HTTPS websites, so
> it's not a problem affecting every site.
> I think the instant messenger problem may be separate but it's hard to
> tell.
> Again, can you tell us which sites you're using, what the error
> message is,
> and what you've tried.
> We're all trying to help here, Dylan, but I think you need to supply a lot
> more relevant detail when you ask questions.  Saying "i cannot
> connect" is a
> very broad statement with little factual detail in it; supplying that
> detail
> at the start saves you and us more work.  It also improves your own
> problem-solving skills - sometimes in the search for more detail you
> find out
> the answer all on your own, which is all part of the fun of Linux :-)
> Hey, I'm still waiting for the "make Linux work" button too :-)
> Have fun,
> Paul
well i get connection was reset messages in fire fox
even though tcptraceroute connects to facebook and live i still get
connection reset errors in firefox

well if you tell me what info you need and how to get it i can give you
anything you need
dylan porter

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