[clug] ssl and https

dylan porter dylan.porter3 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 04:24:34 MST 2011

On 02/26/2011 10:01 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> Hi Dylan
> in addition to what Kevin Pulo has suggested:-
> 1. Firefox --> Preferences --> Network --> Settings
> "should" be set to "Use system proxy settings" (it's counter intuitive,
> means use none if none is set).
> 2. Firefox --> Preferences --> Encryption
> tick both boxes (SSL3.0 and TLS1.0).
yeah thats all set but its not just firefox its also when i try to
connect to things like msn and try to browse in lynx
> It seems unlikely that those settings would be the cause of your
> problem, as they are default, and you've no reason to change them.
> No offence intended - but most likely it is one of two things you
> *didn't* tell us (ain't it always the way!).
> 1. Have you set up any sort of firewall in Ubuntu (other than bog
> standard default, as it came out of the box settings)?
yeah just the standard firewall i haven't really done anything with that
> Unless I've (quite likely) missed something here, you are connecting to
> a wireless modem, through which you connect to the internet....
> 2. How did you setup the modem? (absolutely stock? I had a fiddle? etc)
well stock yeah
> I suspect from the comment about Windoof VB (VirtualBox??) being able to
> connect, that it is using UPNP, whereas Ubuntu isn't... In which case
> you should consider reconfiguring your modem rules. (I consider UPNP the
> network equivalent of ActiveX, others may disagree).
> You can test that by turning off UPNP in Windoof and seeing if it will
> still connect.
> Cheers
 how do i turn it off to test it and if that is the case how do i get
ubuntu to use UPnP?

dylan porter

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